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Meeting Parliamentarian Services

Tough meeting coming up? If you'd like a Procedural Parliamentarian to be present when your meeting is held, Margaret Ethier can help. Well in advance of the meeting, she will meet with your President (Chair) to review the upcoming issues and suggest procedures and techniques to help the meeting run smoothly.

Don't get "called" on procedure—have an expert advise you and be present.
Using plain language regarding Parliamentary law and procedure, Margaret will give practical advice on how to cope with the expected sources of conflict, yet stay within Parliamentary rules so that outcomes are less open to legal challenge afterwards. She'll advise you on how to handle the longwinded, the smart-alecs, and the nasties, so there can be a full and fair discussion of the issues.

Get the work done. Get out on time.
If requested, she will develop an easy-to-use script to help your President follow the appropriate procedures in chairing the meeting. Scripts are particularly helpful for new Presidents, or any President who may get “rattled” when chairing a large or contentious meeting.

During the meeting, Margaret will be seated next to the President, to provide on-the-spot consultations and discreet advice that will assist the President in making rulings.

New President? Hit the Ground Running

With the assistance of a Professional Parliamentarian, new Presidents can step in and immediately become effective, without the delays and missteps that might occur while they're "learning the ropes".

For more information on Procedural Parliamentarian services, contact Margaret Ethier.

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By request, Margaret Ethier will provide individual or group seminars in Meeting Chairing and Parliamentary Procedure, and Board Development. For more information, contact Margaret Ethier.

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Margaret Ethier provides Meeting Parliamentarian services and professional development seminars in the following geographic areas: British Columbia (B.C.), Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland & Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, P.E.I., Yukon, Northwest Territories (NT), and Nunavut. Services are available within the United States by special arrangement.

Professional Meeting Chairing, Parliamentarian, and Conflict Resolution Services in Edmonton, Alberta and throughout Canada


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